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Can You Make a Tire Out Of Duct Tape?

When it comes to YouTube, you see some pretty crazy things that you probably never thought would be tried out by very much of anybody, however, sometimes various people get a camera and get their creative juices flowing, then put together experiments that somehow, you just can’t look away from no matter how odd they might be. While previously, you would’ve never even known that a duct tape tire was a possible creation, when somebody goes ahead and makes a tire out of duct tape, it might just become one of your favorite experiments to try and see the outcome of.

This time, we can see that exact experiment unfold right in the front of our eyes that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering exactly when this tire is going to fail. With all of the research and development that goes into selecting the materials and processes behind bringing together the tires that you slap on your car, there’s certainly no way that something made of a material simple as duct tape is going to hold up to all of the friction and other forces that you find on the piece of rubber that normally separates your ride from the ground. Right?

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how this experiment ends up going and if the tires made of duct tape had any chance of holding up a full-size automobile. Will this experiment thrive under pressure or will it cave in on itself in seconds at the very first thought of any heat or friction? After watching a video like this, you have to wonder what else this guy has been thinking up and wanting to try next. We can only imagine where a thought like this might lead in future trials.


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