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Captain Docks Massive Yacht in Monaco Like a BOSS

Maybe that guy in the Celebrity Infinity docking fail video could learn a little something from the captain of the yacht in this video. Of course, this vessel is tiny, at least in comparison, and it doesn’t seem this captain is battling howling winds while trying to dock, so that may not be a fair comparison to make.

However, there’s absolutely no denying the man on the wheel of this yacht does a superb job of guiding the formidable craft directly between two other equally massive vessels. With his crew spread out all around the deck of the yacht, the captain relies on their eyes as well his own, and their combined years of experience to deftly guide the boat directly into the parking spot as if it’s nothing.

You can tell at times that the footage is sped up slightly, but I know for sure if I were the one in charge of parking this behemoth, I’d be going much, much slower. As in probably the opposite direction, looking for a spot I could pull up to long ways, and even that I would probably screw up monumentally. That’s why I’m writing about this yacht and not driving it!

Of course, there is something to be said for the yacht itself and the technology at play here. Modern boats, especially huge yachts like this that cost several million dollars, have a joystick docking system, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: the captain is able to use a joystick to change the direction and speed of the boat with a mere flick of his finger, giving him ultra-precise control over the boat’s thrusters, which work like mini jets and provide a level of control that just wasn’t possible with props and rudders. However, that doesn’t make the parking spot any wider or the boat any less expensive to repair if the captain is off by even a couple of degrees, so it’s hardly a simple job, even with that extra technology in place.