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Car Bomb Bait Car Prank in the Hood!

Car Bomb Bait Car Prank in the Hood!

When it comes to pranks on the Internet, pranksters step it up each and every time with the goal of shocking their viewers into subscribing.

This time, we get a look at another edgy prank that goes into “the hood” with the aim of luring criminals into stealing a car that has a little bit of a surprise in the back seat.

In this tactic known as a “bait car,” the would-be thief will be going through the car when they find what they think is a lit explosive in the backseat. It gets even more fun when the prankster disables the door handles on the inside the car.

Check out the video below that yields some pretty insane reactions. We’re not going to lie, we wouldn’t steal a car, but something like this would most definitely freak us out to should we be in a situation with such a explosive prop.