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Car Collector’s Luxury Dream Home is More Garage than it is House

When it comes to being a car guy, most of society would probably look at exactly what it is that we do with a puzzled look. Why, after all, would any sane person sink so much money into what they drive? Even if you aren’t on the level of the cars pictured in this video, you know that having a fast car as a hobby can seem like a sort of black hole to just toss your hard earned money into!

This time, we check in with somebody who is on the exact same page that we are and has the house to prove it. With a layout consumed more than three quarters by a garage filled with exotic cars like a couple of Ferraris, a Porche, and a Mercedes-Benz, the owner of this house is most certainly one of us. It just so happens that this guy has more money than most and he’s able to buy… well, whatever it is that he wants!

Large enough to sport up to sixteen cars, this is the ultimate automotive junkie’s paradise as there is more garage space than anyone in their right mind would know what to do with (except for us)! Check out the video tour and below that showz off this freakishly large pad. Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention that you can also live in this place too. How did we possibly forget that detail? Included with the mega garage are an office, utility room, workshop, a state of the art great room, a luxurious bedroom suite, exercise room and a kitchen designed by Snaidero Ferrari is on location as well. I think that they really managed to touch all of the bases in this ultimate garage home.

We’d have to say that these quarters take a back seat to the garage, though.


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