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Car Crashes Onto The Roof of a St. Louis Home

I guess if you have a ramp for a front yard, you have to consider this a real possibility. In St. Louis, the driver of a small SUV appears to have either lost control or not been paying attention, driving straight up this steeply-embanked yard at a pretty high rate of speed. The vehicle’s momentum carried the ride not through the living room but completely onto the roof of the house.

The home’s owner was at the gym at the time, almost certainly checking in on Facebook and Instagram, when the incident occurred, thankfully leaving the house empty. The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital but was talking and alert before being transported away from the scene.

From what we can tell, the SUV hit the ramp-like yard hard enough to bottom out and scrape up a nice section of the grass and take it along for the ride into the roof of the house a few yards away. It doesn’t look like the SUV made a clean entry through the roof, as the front wall of the house is heavily damaged as well.

We can’t imagine coming home to find your house surrounded by the authorities and a small SUV sticking out of your roof, but it has to really ruin your day, not to mention ruining the day of the guy behind the wheel. This is why we can’t stress enough to always be aware of your surroundings and for the love of God put down your phones when you’re driving.

The last thing we need is for our fans to be out there playing Candy Crush and plowing into people and things when you’re supposed to be focused on the road. Hopefully videos like this one help raise awareness about the subject and can help keep some of you guys from driving while distracted.