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Car Explodes, Firefighter doesn’t even flinch

We’re sure that, as firefighters, these guys have been immersed in a lot of situations that other people would freak out over and, as a result, they might have become just a bit desensitized to a dangerous situation but this firefighter takes that concept to a whole new level.

We watch from afar as a car fire burns and this firefighting crew heads to the scene that’s probably like hundreds that they’ve seen before with the aim of extinguishing the run-of-the-mill blaze and making sure that everyone in the area is safe from harm’s way.

When the man wielding the hose heads up to the blaze to put a halt on the fire, he only sprays it down for a couple of seconds before one of the car’s systems erupts on the spot, letting off a huge explosion. However, the firefighter that’s standing just a couple of feet from the blaze doesn’t even flinch.

Check out the video below of this Los Angeles roadside fire that would have scared the life out of just about anyone else but this guy is cold as ice when he heads in to do his job. This is pretty much the definition of being a complete and utter badass!