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Car Falls of Lift!

If you’re hanging out around a garage, you want to make sure that the people who work there have a good grasp on what they’re doing, especially if that shop has car lifts hanging around. While it might seem like it’s hard to screw up this bad, we have seen this go down several times before.

This time, we watch some security footage as a Mercedes-Benz is hoisted up on the lift and a selection of people wander about under it, checking out the underside of the car. It’s at this point, that the car decides to go for a ride, falling off of the lift with the people still underneath!

Check out the video below that shows the scene where the people barely escaped from being crushed to death. This is one close call that you most certainly never want to find yourself being a part of. It looks like somebody’s job is under the gun now!

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