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Car Gets Blown Away By Boeing 747 Jet

Car Gets Blown Away By Boeing 747 Jet

In order to get the almighty Boeing 747 passenger jet up off of the ground, it obviously takes a whole boatload of power to get the plane moving.

Today, we’re given an inside look at what exactly can happen if you give such power to a bunch of overgrown children, much like ourselves.

When left with the thrusters of the monster jet, we’re shown exactly what they can do when they’re fired up by effortlessly blasting a parked car across the runway.

Check out the video below as the jet engine blasts away everything behind it with ease. What would you do with this thing if you were left alone with it for a day?

This 747 comes in super low over St. Maarten, almost too LOW!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.23.05 PM


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