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Car Glass VS Spark Plug Trick

We’ve all heard the story of how the porcelain portion of a spark plug can plow through a car window without issue, but how true is this story, really?

Today, we join the Crazy Russian Hacker to test it out and see how viable it is that a tiny portion of a spark plug can break open safety glass that it’s tough to break, even with a good amount of force.

At first, the Hacker shows us that throwing the whole spark plug at the glass will not work, no matter how heavy it is, it just won’t shatter the glass, but then a tiny piece of porcelain comes to the rescue!

Check out the video below as the single shard is tossed at the window and the window doesn’t hesitate to shatter to the ground. This could prove to be especially useful should you be stuck in a situation where you need to get into a car in an emergency.

If you’re ever locked out, this method could help you out with getting back in in a snap!



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