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Car Hauler Loaded With 2020 GT500s Takes a Tumble and Both Cars With It

In the scheme of “having a bad day,” there are definitely levels to wanting to go to sleep and start over. This week, we stumbled upon the ultimate version of that situation. We simply can’t help but feel for the driver of the truck here as it looks like things got out of hand.

It would appear as if this rig was on the way to deliver some early Christmas joy near Detroit. The 2020 Shelby GT500 is one of the most sought after cars of the year. Not only that but doing what it takes to be able to be one of the first to finally get one isn’t exactly as straightforward as just ordering it. However, some lucky soon-to-be owners got their ducks in a row enough to be able to be the first! However, for the owners of these two cars, things didn’t exactly go as according to play.

Social media practically erupted with pictures as the transport of two examples of the 2020 GT500 tumbled over. Fox 2 Detroit recapped the situation, telling us that the trailer spun out on a long, swooping curve of a ramp. These events would lead to a jackknife that dumped the hauler and all of its contents on its side.

This is certainly going to set off a chain of uncomfortable phone calls. All-in-all, it just seems like it’s rather unfortunate from every angle.

It’s difficult to tell, from the shots, just how damaged the cars are. We would be left to assume that both of the machines had been banged up pretty well after falling from such heights.

Ford did acknowledge, in a statement, that they were aware of the incident. They also mentioned that they weren’t aware of any injuries associated with the situation. Beyond that, they have chosen to remain silent at this time.