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Car Meet Gone Horribly Wrong… They Totaled His Car!

Crowds are tired of Mustangs plowing into them, and they’re starting to fight back!

We’ve all seen it time and again, and it’s happened far too many times to be a coincidence at this point: a Mustang driver leaves an event and tries to show off by doing a burnout or whipping a couple of donuts, only to end up diving straight into a crowd of onlookers. If you search YouTube for “mustang crowd” there are countless videos, so obviously it’s time those innocent onlookers take things into their own hands and start sending the message to these guys that this will not be tolerated.

That is exactly what this huge crowd of gearheads decided to do after this Mustang, yet again attempting to do donuts, slammed into the bystanders then simply tried to flee the scene. The angry revelers surrounded the car and began to quite literally beat it up, taking out their aggression on the car as the driver attempted to leave. We aren’t just talking about a couple of dents and dings either, these folks took this beat down to a whole extreme level, but if the message is going to be sent, that’s what it takes to get the point across.

You can see and hear the crowd pelting the car a series of kicks, and a couple of guys even jump onto the hood and smash the windshield completely. The driver, at this point probably fearing more for his own life than anything, continues to try to drive away, but according to the guy who posted this video, he was apparently dragged from the car and given a beating to match the one given to his car. While we never want to see anybody injured in any incident, we hope this sends a message to anybody acting out and smashing into crowds of people that it will not be tolerated anymore. If you’re going to act a fool, do it somewhere away from innocent bystanders, especially if you’re not good at it.


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