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Owner Got a Brake Job and All 4 Wheels Fell Off, Truck Totaled

When you don’t know enough about be able to take care of your own vehicle, naturally, you’ll take it to a trusted “professional” or at least someone who calls himself a professional in order to do the maintenance for you. It can be a rather scary decision because beings as you don’t really know what you’re doing, you try and pick a person who seems the most thorough but can never really be sure. As it turns out, unfortunately, there are a multitude of people out there who really don’t know what they’re doing as the rumors would apply. Some of these chain stores like to hire people as cheaply as possible and you really get what you pay for.

With various mechanic shops across the country, you hear bad stories coming from within and this time is no different as we get introduced yet another bad story from a major chain and it’s just as scary as all the rest of them. You see, when the owner of this Toyota 4Runner ended up heading into their local Jiffy Lube to get a little bit of break maintenance done, they would run into an issue that they probably never had anticipated happening. When asked if they would like their technicians to take the vehicle out and do a test drive, they agreed, however, what would come next is something that they would never be able to anticipate as the technicians would come back with some incredibly bad news.

After coming back and reporting the incident to the manager, the technician that took the Toyota out for the test drive would report that all wheels managed to fall off of the SUV, apparently because whoever was behind tightening the wheels back down simply forgot to do their job or did it inefficiently, which would cause the catastrophic failure. From there, as you can imagine, things would spiral into a frenzy and this person would be left with a heavy load to deal with when all that they wanted to do was get some freshened up brakes. Follow along down in the video below that takes you to the scene of this crazy incident that leaves you wondering what could happen next.

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