Car Replaces Paint with LED Lighting, Draws HUGE Attention

Pretty much anybody who has ever considered driving around in a sports car talks ...

Pretty much anybody who has ever considered driving around in a sports car talks about how, if you pick out colors like red or yellow, you probably immediately become a cop magnet. Now, studies have shown that maybe picking out the “wrong” color isn’t exactly going to get you more tickets and there’s not much science behind that idea from what we’ve seen, however, I would think that having a bright colored ride, when accompanied by driving a little bit more radically, would probably yield a higher chance of getting a ticket.

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However, if slapping a slick colorful paint job on your car isn’t exactly enough to draw attention to yourself, which bright colors will definitely do regardless of if they get you more tickets or not, replacing the paint with LED lighting is certainly a way to draw the most attention to yourself possible.

With all sorts of different automotive coatings being put into place where car owners can easily wrap or dip their car in a bright color at a less expensive price point than paint, the options are endless but it seems like this individual wanted to take it a step above what was already common on the market, bringing the coating to a new level.

The video below showcases a pretty neat set up as this Nissan Skyline is wrapped entirely with lights that can change on command. One second, you might be looking at a myriad of different colors and patterns that really pop and the next, well, the owner might just have the Skyline looking like a replica of something that you saw in a Fast and Furious movie.

After checking out the video below, tell us what you think of such a concept and if you’d ever apply it to your very own vehicle. For some, I think this might be a little bit much, but for others, they might see it as being pretty darn neat.

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