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New Car Subscription Service Lets You Swap Rides 4x In A Month

It’s a new world. Every day, we see something new coming around the corner to slap us in the face. One interesting example of this is how we went from something like cable that bundled everything to different streaming services. These services come with a subscription model that seems to really be a part of a movement these days. As it turns out, media isn’t the only thing that’s providing a subscription option these days. Instead, as it turns out, drivers can also sign up for a subscription to get a car or cars.

You might be asking me, “Jesse, how is this any different than leasing?” Well, to be honest it isn’t all that much different. The only differentiating factor that really sets it apart is that a customer can use up to 4 different vehicles in a month. Yup, you can have a flavor of the week.

This comes along with a 3,000-mile allowance that Enterprise says is higher than your traditional lease. In this deal, it sort of acts more like a rental than a lease as well. Included in the deal are maintenance costs, roadside assistance, and SiriusXM satellite radio. All of this is wrapped up in one nice and neat bundle for a cool $1,499 each month.

Enterprise does offer a collection of cars to choose from. However, at the steep cost, it leads many to wonder how many will be interested in this program enough to shell over the money. After all, that much moolah is enough to buy a variety of impressive vehicles. We are told that the program includes all sorts of platforms but aren’t sure how extravagant the models will get. Time will tell if this is something that pans out or not. For now, though, it looks like Enterprise is planning on adding another arm to their current business model.

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