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Car Tech 101: Variable Valve Timing Explained

Car Tech 101: Variable Valve Timing Explained

As a casual car enthusiast, you’ve heard of variable valve timing before and you might even have a vague idea of what it can do, but we’re here to elaborate just a bit further.

Variable valve timing can happen in numerous ways, but no matter how the process happens, it’s all about accomplishing about the same goals.

When approaching the process, automakers are looking at creating a vehicle that is good at doing more than one thing under a given condition. Whether that be making power, torque, or saving fuel, the goal here is to make the car perform well in different metrics at different times with a couple of simple changes.

How does it work exactly? Well, the video below, complete with some key illustrations can probably explain how the Fiat created technology works better than we can. Check it out!

This video below gives us the inside scoop on how a rotary works.


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