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YouTuber Shows us How New Car Vending Machines Work

In this day and age, the way that we buy things is changing quickly. One day, we’re going into a brick and mortar establishment for just about everything. The next, things are getting delivered to our doorsteps within less than 24 hours. As much as some would love to have things the way that they used to be, that’s simply not the case. To the dismay of car dealerships around the world, we wouldn’t be shocked if they’re all put out of business eventually. After all, it doesn’t seem like dealers offer too much in terms of added value.

In any case, it looks like new ideas are quickly emerging on the scene. In the case of Carvana, their plan was to create a vending machine for cars. That’s right. The car buying experience through this brand will have buyers inserting a token to retrieve the car of their dreams. Now obviously, it’s not as simple as pressing a couple of buttons on a vending machine. However, it seems to stem toward removing the high-pressure sales experience from the equation.

In this one, we get the top to bottom on how the experience actually works. Any smart consumer who approaches a situation like this is probably curious how it works in real life. No matter how appealing the concept of no pushy salesperson might be, is it something that could actually work? For anyone who has ever purchased a vehicle, this has to be a tough one to wrap the mind around.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in on the process from top to bottom. Perhaps one day, something like this can find its way to be the norm. Who knows? Maybe companies like Amazon will deliver a car to your doorstep with a Prime subscription. – MaestroDens


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