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Screaming V8 With Ridiculous Exhaust Causes OUTRAGE in Monaco!

As car fans, pretty much all of us across the board can appreciate a fine sounding exhaust. However, you have to remember that to the vast majority of people, even the best sounding of exhausts are nothing more than an inconvenient drone floating in the air that could get just a little bit annoying.

Now, there is definitely a happy medium somewhere and we aren’t here to argue about that or whether or not the driver behind the wheel of this car went above and beyond, exceeding the lines that contain that happy medium, but it does look like he really took cranking the sound up to a new level with his machine. Someone nearby couldn’t help but take notice and this bystander definitely wasn’t happy with it.

The power here is coming from under the hood of a Nissan S14 Sylvia that happens to have an S15 body. The car is powered by an LS3 that lies under the hood, breaking out the hurt to an astonishing 720 hp. Now, the power here isn’t the point of the story, but rather, the way that the exhaust is routed, causing it to really spit out a loud growl that the uploader of this video says isn’t comparable to anything that he’s ever heard before.

Now I’m sure that the video, even though it sounds loud from behind the speakers that we’re listening on, can’t really do justice to the sound this thing is making on the scene. Based on how angry this bystander gets, though, we’d venture to say that it’s pretty darn loud as an argument unfolds in the streets. Will let you dictate what exactly is right and wrong in this big gray area that had the Monaco police showing up to make sure that the car got loaded up on the trailer.