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Cardboard Need for Speed Featuring Rob Dyrdek

Cardboard Need for Speed Featuring Rob Dyrdek

Need For Speed was one of the most played video games by motorheads when we were kids and today, the game is recreated in real life within the walls of the Fantasy Factory with a little bit of help from some go-karts!

Rob Dyrdek and Big Black go on a mission to rob a cardboard bank of millions of dollars in Monopoly money only to be greeted by police who have another narrative in mind!

Will Rob and Big get away or will the police foil their plans? Find out for yourself by checking out the bank heist in the video below! We can’t get enough of these guys!

This GSX-R powered go-kart is CRAZY fast. This has to be a blast!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.49.03 AM


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