Carnage Everywhere! Epic Dyno Fails Erupt in Flames

In the world of wheels, there are very few situations that are close to as stressful ...

In the world of wheels, there are very few situations that are close to as stressful as the initial testing of a collection of parts. Normally, the reason a car or truck finds its way to the dyno is just for that reason. Most of the time, the person behind the vehicle has added some new components or different tuning into the mix and they want to see just how well they did. Otherwise, it might be someone turning it up for a record number which can be equally as stressful.

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Even if you’re confident in your abilities, this could raise a little bit of a lump in your throat as you hope that everything that you did went just right. After all, there are probably situations out there where a single loose bolt could be the difference between a successful high horsepower pull and needing a new engine that’s going to cost you thousands.

This time, we dial ourselves into a dyno session compilation that takes a look at some of the least lucky diesel truck owners to ever hit the rollers. Whether it’s a turbo letting loose or an eruption that ends in a ball of fire, this group of folks is definitely one that you do not want to become a part of. I guess that you live and you learn but in this collection of clips, we definitely see some lessons that really racked up the dollar signs in a hurry as they got rather expensive.

By following along with the video below, viewers will immerse themselves in the carnage that is dyno failure. Sometimes, you just can’t help but watch these clips over and over again. Heck, I know that I have failed more than once and watching the video back later is kind of a right of passage.

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