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Cars and Coffee Best Exits 2019

For those who are infatuated with everything about the automobile, perhaps there is no better scene than a local car and coffee gathering. These types of events bring together all sorts of cars from all different walks of life and usually, for those with an eye out for exotics, they get their fair share as well. While watching these cars and soaking them in can be a good time as we familiarize ourselves with some insane rides, the good time really doesn’t begin until the vehicles are leaving and some of the owners get a little bit excited about being on the premises as they decide to really unleash what’s under the hood, allowing their engines to scream as they make their way away from the car show.

This time, we catch up with other cars and coffee that really have a selection of automobiles that are worth sinking our teeth into. As we sit here and watch the parade of cars making its way away from the parking lot, owners of everything from Ferraris to Mustangs and even a Dodge Demon get all excited about this situation, seizing the moment by laying into the throttle and showing that they have the most impressive combination of the bunch. At the end of the day, it’s a ton of fun for just about everybody who’s involved.

By following along with the video below, we’re all able to get in on the action, seeing exactly what it was like as all of these vehicles, many of which were roaring with passion, would leave the lot that day. Most of the impressive machine were under an insane amount of throttle as they spun the tires and even got sideways. With all of the hate that goes on not only in the world but also in the automotive community, I think that this is one thing that most of us can get on board with and truly enjoy.- High Tech Corvette


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