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Carving a pumpkin in under 30 seconds with a waterjet

Oh Halloween, many consider this ghoulish holiday one of their favorites if not the one at the top of the list entirely. You have to admit that dressing up like a monster and eating lots of candy until you get sick is a pretty good time and gives you an excuse to escape from being an adult for a while as well.

This time, we watch as one of the favorite Halloween pastimes in carving a pumpkin is taken to the automated side thanks to the help of a waterjet. Nothing will ever compare to a hand carved pumpkin but this process is pretty neat to watch unfold.

In just 30 seconds, the program behind this waterjet has it going to town and creating a traditional sculpted jack-o’-lantern that’s ready to display on the front porch! Nobody would even know the difference except for maybe the fact that this looks a little bit too good to be done by hand!

Check out the video below that shows how the waterjet tackles this task in such a quick time and tell us what other types of experiments that you think this waterjet should be put up against.