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Here’s What the Cast of American Chopper is up to These Days

Back in the first decade of the 2000s, American Chopper gave us a raw look at an American family. Just like any other family, this one had their issues. However, instead of trying to hide them, they let them all out on screen. All of this was going on while they attempted to build custom, high profile motorcycles. Thus, American Chopper was born.

Watching the different personalities and temperaments come together really made for some interesting television. Sure, we might not all be this extreme but I think that most folks can relate to this family in one way or another.

After being born in 2003, the show would move on until it eventually was axed in 2010. Over that time span, it captivated the attention of America and simultaneously made some of the crew members pretty rich people. However, 2010 was now a decade ago. While these folks were a huge deal back then, what are they up to these days?

It turns out that life after the show hasn’t exactly been entirely smooth sailing. Don’t get us wrong, some cast members found a great deal of success after American Chopper went off the air. There have even been different businesses that have been erected in the wake of everyone going their separate ways.

On the other hand, though, there have continued to be disagreements within the family. While they have tried to resolve some of their issues, sometimes, things that are broken aren’t so easy to put back together. On the other hand, financial woes have struck as well as a tale of bankruptcy had fallen into one crew member’s lap.

Life moves on and throws us different challenges along the way.

Most recently, American Chopper was revived in 2019. After a single season, the last that we heard is that the show was in limbo for another season.


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