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Catalytic Converter Thieves Lit up With Paintballs in Broad Daylight

Catalytic converters have always been the target of criminals due to their precious metal content which makes them worth a pretty good amount of money at the scrapyard. Unfortunately, it’s a crime that’s pretty hard to prevent as crooks can come in with a saw and cut off the converter within just a couple of seconds, leaving behind a mangled exhaust and an owner needs to spend some money to get it fixed. The converters aren’t even traceable to make matters even worse.

In this particular situation, we check in with the homeowner who wasn’t just going to let things slide and instead decided to step up to defend his property. After several attempts to steal the unit, this particular truck owner had enough, taking matters into his own hands in what looks to be an attempt to scare the thieves away.

When the homeowner spotted the pair of thieves looking to steal the catalytic converter off of his Ford Excursion sitting out front of his home on the main road, the Turlock, CA resident decided to run outside, paintballs at the ready. When two men come out of the home, firing paintballs at the crooks, the would-be criminals hopped up and begin to scurry away, jumping into what appears to be a red Cadillac before making their way away.

We’re kind of surprised that at least one of the men didn’t trip and fall as it looked like he was about to lose his pants in the process of running away from the barrage of paintballs.

The criminals were able to get the converter free from the truck but left it behind as they decided that it was in their best interest to run away first. The suspects remain unidentified anybody who has information is encouraged to call Turlock Officer Greg Roton at (209) 668-6536.


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