Catching up With the Lastest Update on Murder Nova’s Son’s Project Chevelle

When it comes to some of the racing videos that we lay our eyes on, the best in the ...

When it comes to some of the racing videos that we lay our eyes on, the best in the business really make it look easy. As these individuals climb their way into the record books and event wins, it almost looks like their cars can perform perfectly at the snap of their fingers.

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What many of these videos don’t show are the long, hard hours invested and many small adjustments to make the car perfect. In addition, we often fail to see the countless test sessions that are undergone in order to gather data and tweak the car until it gets to just the right spot.

When it comes time to race, even the smallest adjustments can make a big deal. When all of these adjustments are built on top of one another, eventually, machines start rolling out faster and faster. While the big picture goal is never quite easy to accomplish, there are always small wins along the way.

Nothing is better than adding a modification to a machine, only to take it to the track and improve your time. Afterward, it’s back to the garage to do a little bit more work and try to go faster! Before long, these modifications can really turn into an addiction as we begin to chase our best pass yet.

This time, we get to ride along as Murder Nova and his son, Aiden, talk a bit about Aiden’s Chevrolet Chevelle. As it turns out, this father and son project has been coming along nicely. As the machine is Aiden’s first car, it looks like he is quickly learning about how modifying works and how practice makes perfect.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in with the action from the 187 Customs YouTube channel. To mix things up, this time, Shawn stays home as Aiden and Shawn’s dad, Richard head to Thunder Valley for the first Jr. Street Race of the year. At this race Aiden gets to try out his new Quick Performance gearing and QA1 rear suspension!

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