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This Monster Big Rig Is Optimus Prime’s Ster... February 11, 2020 big rig Blown Diesel

California Initiative Attempts to Ban All Gas and Diesel Powered Vehicles Produced After 2020

California Initiative Attempts to Ban All Gas and ... February 10, 2020 Alex Padilla Ban

1970 Ford F-350 Swapped With Components From 1997 ... February 7, 2020 1970 F-350 diesel

The World’s First Duramax Monster Truck, 3 F... February 6, 2020 chevrolet chevy

Farmtruck’s “D” Makes A Pass At ... January 29, 2020 azn daily driver

When You Forget To Plug In Your Diesel Truck. Cold... December 20, 2019 cold start diesel

6.7L Powerstroke Slammed Into an 80s Ford... December 20, 2019 80's Truck ford

900HP Duramax on PADDLE TIRES Throws Mud 100Ft Hig... December 17, 2019 100 foot mud diesel

Tony Rizzi in “The Outcast” Goes Up in... October 29, 2019 diesel drag racing

YouTuber Has Officially Lost it, Mutilates Duramax... October 28, 2019 diesel trucks duramax

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