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Caught Testing: The 2021 “Baby Bronco” Ford Bronco

These days, it seems like the thing to do is to recycle old nameplates. As enthusiasts, we can’t help but wait for some of these awesome machines to come back into the fold. For example, we have recently seen the reemergence of vehicles like the Toyota Supra. However, these revivals are sure to come with harsh eyes following them. Critics will be much more prevalent as they compare the new machines to the machines of old. This is a fine line to walk for automakers. After all, they would love the popularity of the name. However, criticism will be at an all-time high if they don’t live up to nostalgia. This is difficult because sometimes nostalgia can be a little bit sweeter in memory than it was in real life.

One of the latest to reemerge in the marketplace is none other than the Ford Bronco. It is been a machine that has been chased down by automotive journalists for months now, if not longer. Honestly, after gathering such a massive following, we’re curious as to how they’re going to handle the Bronco in the modern era. Obviously, a massive gas guzzling SUV wouldn’t exactly fit into the landscape these days. However, with these compact crossovers seemingly being the new thing, we wouldn’t put it past Ford to stash the Bronco in that category.

By following along with the video below, the guys over at TFLTruck take it upon themselves to catch up with the latest Bronco. As of now, it does appear as if the SUV will reside in the compact crossover category.

There are questions left to be answered, though. What will the powertrain look like? Could it be a hybrid or fully electric vehicle? Ford definitely wants to pay homage to the vehicle of old. However, it’s definitely going to need some updating. All of the speculation is certainly exciting as we await the eventual re-release of the Bronco nameplate.