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CBI’s 1300hp 6 speed F1X Corvette C6 Z06

CBI’s 1300hp 6 speed F1X C6Z

CBI Streetcars brought out the shop Chevrolet Corvette to make a couple passes. After only 3, all over 150+ trap speeds, the track gave him the boot until he gets a legal cage…which will be coming soon, along with an auto trans…and 8 second slips.



2006 Corvette Z06
444ci Superdeck 1
F1X Procharger on 18 psi
Running an E85 blend with DSX Tuning’s Flex Fuel Sensor
Alky Control Meth
A2W Intercooler
Built TR6060 trans
Tuned by DSX Tuning
17″ drag radials out back on some Bogarts wheels

Here is what people are saying: General though across the board is this is one bad @$$ Bitch…


This Corvette is In the neighborhood of 1300 RWHP and has a 6 speed, must be fun trying to drive this beast. Also it still has AC 100% Streetcar! Enjoy this video by Bad Bow tie Productions

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C6 vs C7 is going down and we’re bringing it to you!


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