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Cedar Hedge Stump Removal – The easy way!

Working smarter instead of working harder is definitely a good way to live your life. There’s definitely merit behind a hard day’s work and a lot of satisfaction that can be drawn from such experience, however, I don’t think there’s anybody with half a brain who would turn down the chance to get the same amount of work done in half the time and with have the effort. If you have the proper tools for the job to make it go by as quick as possible but instead decide to elect to do the harder, longer method instead, with the same result, well, maybe you should take a look in the mirror and question a couple of things.

In this one, we get a pretty unique look at how exactly one can go about removing stumps the easy way. Some will tell you to start digging and others might use the brute force of a truck and chain combo, but with a method like this, it looks like you not only get the muscle that you need to get the job done but also have a nice and controlled situation so that nothing goes flying and you don’t pull too hard as to knock over other features that you want to keep intact like the cinderblock wall pictured here that I’m sure this individual would rather keep standing.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be treated to a unique way to do a little bit of landscaping thanks to an engine hoist that can be strapped around the roots of your choosing and used to pull them out with a couple of pumps. A little bit of hydraulic help never hurt anybody and it looks like this engine hoist is really getting a well-rounded use if we do say so ourselves.

Amazing Stump pulling machine, There Are Many Ways To Remove Stump In Your Garden


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