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Challenger MT900 Burnout, The Slowest Burnout Ever

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on February 9, 2017

Needless to say, other that those that are strapped to the sled at the tractor pull, you don’t generally see too many tractors spinning their tires, and you definitely don’t see it too often on asphalt!

This Challenger MT900, a 60,000 pound behemoth tractor, is preparing its 12 tires for testing. The $1,500 tires have to be heated to cure them for the tests, and the best way to do that is to strap the MT900 to this test cart – typically used to measure drawbar pull strength – that weighs nearly 100,000 to hold the massive machine in place as the huge rollers spin in place.

When the “burnout” is over, the tires have lost around 40% of their tread and are ready to send off to test. This is definitely the slowest burnout we’ve ever seen, but there’s probably more rubber on the ground than any other high speed burnout we’ve ever seen!


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