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Check out the Wild Car Collection Bought by Michael Jordan’s $2 Billion

When most think about Michael Jordan, they likely think about the basketball player. It’s a natural first reaction but the depth of Jordan goes far beyond that. In fact, his paychecks from the NBA only make up a tiny fraction of Jordan’s wealth.

Instead, he used other ventures to truly transcend beyond the basketball court. It definitely helped his cause that Jordan was arguably the most dominant player of all time in any sport. However, that was only the door that opened up the ways that Jordan would evolve culture as a whole. Today, many would attribute the popularity of sneaker culture as a whole to the NBA legend.

So, with a level of success unparalleled by any other athlete, what does Jordan do with the $2 billion in net worth that he has put together for himself?

This time, the crew over at TheRichest dives into just that question to really dissect the phenomenon that is Jordan. We start out with the millions of dollars in real estate before leading into yachts and of course, his expansive car collection. If you’ve got that kind of money to blow, naturally, some pretty cool machines are sure to follow.

What does it mean to be “Like Mike?” It’s time to find out just that. There’s a reason why it took 10 parts of a documentary to describe what life is like for Jordan. Let’s just say that this provides a peek into a life that not too many can claim they’ve ever lived. Simply achieving a fraction of this kind of success is a monumental accomplishment. However, I think that many would agree that there will simply never be another Michael Jordan.

What do you think of the legend’s car collection and the other ways that he has decided to dispose of all that disposable income?