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Checking Out a $7,000 Border Patrol Raptor, the Cheapest in the USA

In a world of pickup trucks, the Ford Raptor is certainly a unique beast. It seems as if the truck market has really gotten away from any sort of performance. However, Ford has decided to keep the heritage strong by releasing this offroad oriented monster.

Even to this day, older Raptors have managed to maintain a good chunk of their original value. While many vehicles find a way to spiral into oblivion right after driving off of the lot, the Raptor doesn’t seem to be one of them. With a quick search of eBay, it seems like basically none of these things can be purchased for under $30,000. When going on 7-years-old, that’s not too bad.

There might be two or three that we found listed under that amount. They seem to suffer from extreme mileage or major issues. Even those were close to the $30,000 price tag, though.

So, how good could a Raptor be if it was available for $7,000? Anybody with a good head on their shoulders would probably take one look at that price tag and have plenty of questions. This thing couldn’t possibly be anything that’s worth driving. Or could it?

This time, we follow along with the experience at Hoovies Garage. In this rendition of buying the cheapest vehicle in the USA, we get the pleasure of seeing what this SVT Raptor is all about. Acting as retired Border Patrol, this truck has certainly seen more than its fair share of use. Running through the deserts, day and night, we would venture to think that the Raptor has probably seen better days.

Will this truck provide surprising value or is it going to be $7,000 flushed down the drain? Even with the signs of wear, if the truck ends up working as it should, $7,000 might actually be quite a bargain. A little bit of TLC could potentially go a long way here.

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