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Chevrolet LEGO Batmobile Revealed at Detroit Auto Show

Among those brands that have come and are here to stay, LEGO bricks were not only a cornerstone of many of our childhoods but they continue to carry on, staying strong in the marketplace today and bringing joy to all kinds of kids in the modern age.

With this demonstration, we get to see what happens when a company like LEgo decides to collaborate with a company like Chevrolet in a venue as massive as the Detroit Auto Show. They even manage to get some local kids in on the act to make the product even more impressive.

To commemorate the upcoming LEGO Batman movie, the companies decided to get together and reconstruct the LEGO Batmobile on a much grander scale, in fact, the vehicle measures in at 17 feet long, rivaling the wheelbase of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

It took a lot of time, effort, and design know-how to bring all of the factors together in this one. In fact, with 222 hours in design and 1,822 hours worth of construction, the team was able to come up with the machine whose frame was built with 86 feet of aluminum tubing to support 344,187 LEGO bricks in 17 different colors.

Ride along with this masterpiece of LEGO engineering down in the clip below that will show you the massive Batmobile replic as it is unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show 2017.