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Badass LSX Chevy Apache With Twin Turbos!

Badass LSX Chevy Apache With Twin Turbos!

Custom trucks are both a science and an art form. When it comes to taking it old school, it’s even harder to get everything just right, but the owner of this Chevrolet pickup just hit the nail on the head.

This Chevrolet Apache is most certainly very unlike what you see every day. If the goal of this build was being one of a kind, this guy is passing with flying colors!

The truck in stock form would probably be very cool to drive in, but this one has a little extra oomph behind it, if you know what we mean. The former supercharged truck is now powered by a the twin turbo LS engine and it most certainly rolls!

Even though the truck is quite impressive as-is, the owner is already looking to the future. When he blows the current engine up he plans to throw in an LSX and turn the boost up even further to make somewhere in the ballpark of 1000hp.

Watch it come alive during a few pulls and a pretty wicked burnout below. The truck reminds us of a baby Farm Truck in a way, except cleaner. What do you think of this one of a kind ride?

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