Chevy Fails During NHL Marketing Stunt, Ford Employee Embellishes in Tweet

Fresh off of giving the axe to some 14,000 workers, General Motors would probably fly ...

Fresh off of giving the axe to some 14,000 workers, General Motors would probably fly under the radar right about now outside of some outstandingly positive news, however, you can’t always get what you want.

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Sometimes, when you get yourself into a situation, you might find that something that is looking good can end up being a double edge sword. For example, if you’re looking to market a product, you’re going want to get a lot of eyes on it. Halftime at a Detroit Red Wings game would definitely be a ton of eyes available for people to really get an up close and personal interaction with what you’re trying to sell. However, with such a live interaction, while it might be a meaningful one, means that you’re going to have to hit your marks perfectly. Otherwise, you might end up all over social media because there’s certainly no editing available with such a live appearance.

This time, we check in on a situation that really kind of spiraled out of control on social media as Chevy would attempt to show off the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado to the fans at the game in Detroit, something that was quite fitting for the Detroit based powerhouse. However, the truck would up appearing to stall out right in the middle of the ice during the demonstration. As it turns out, “stalling out” wasn’t the case of something breaking but instead, a little bit of driver error that would send everything spiraling.

With all of these new vehicles, one of the nice things about them is that you don’t have to live with the technology that’s on board for the entire life of the vehicle. As it turns out, periodic software updates will allow the user to access any improvements that the manufacturer has come up with remotely. As it turns out, the operator here had turned off the vehicle during a period of time where it was just sitting and idling on the ice, presumably to prevent the ice beneath it from melting. However, when it was turned back on, the person behind the wheel had accidentally accepted a software update which would immobilize the truck for a couple of minutes until the update was complete.

As you can imagine, for those who would witness the incident, it’s logical that they would jump straight to the conclusion that obviously, something was wrong with the pickup truck, which there wasn’t. According to The Drive, the North American SUV Communications Manager from Ford was on hand that night would even imply that a Zamboni had to tow the pickup truck off the ice, a creative story that was later debunked as a misrepresentation of the truth.

Video would later show the truck starting back up once again and driving off of the ice under its own power.

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