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Truck Yeah! Couple Turns Their Ford Truck Into A Lawn Waterfall.

Sure, you might have some major time, effort, and money invested into making your outdoor living space a thing of beauty but we can almost guarantee that your garden features are nowhere as near as cool as this setup that really has us entranced.

Most people decorate their backyards with string lights, a DIY swing set, or a stock tank pool. Others, however, take it to a whole new level!

The homeowners Jim and Kay Coffey of Missouri were able to incorporate a waterfall into their backyard getaway but they also managed to somehow incorporate an old school Ford pickup truck into the mix to make it about the coolest water feature that we have ever seen, hands down.

If you want to talk how about a conversation piece, this truck probably provides the most interesting spark to get the conversation rolling. Hands down, this is the most interesting decoration that we have ever seen in someone’s backyard. It fits right into our bloodline as gear heads!

In addition to their water feature, the couple also built a backyard cottage and deck, giving them the perfect spot to entertain. The set up also means Jim has less lawn to mow every week, which sounds like a win-win to us!

Check out the video below to get up close and personal with this layout and tell us what you think of this water feature. Can you think of any cooler garden decoration that you have ever seen? It would be neat to see this thing light up at night!


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