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Chevy Truck Pumpkin Cannon vs Old Vans

Sometimes, tinkering around with some of the most complex weapons that the market has to offer can be of great joy as you can check out the endless hours of engineering and attention to detail that has gone into making some of the coolest measures of defense that you’ve ever seen.

This time, however, we hop into a cannon built on the back of a Chevrolet pickup truck that’s just a little bit cruder but definitely makes for one heck of a time as these guys fire it off, using both pumpkins and bowling balls with old vans across a field as their targets.

It’s amazing to see the punch that this thing packs as it launches these massive projectiles across the field and blasts them right through the sides of the vans with complete ease. Some of these things really went clear through to the other side and it’s really a joy to watch as the destruction unfolds right in front of our eyes.

Check out the video down below that shows off this awesome launching machine that will make you want to head out there and stuff something in the cannon to blast across this field to see what kind of damage it can do when it comes in contact with one of those old vans.