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Chevy Vega vs Chevy Camaro Side by Side Wheelies!

What’s better than a big wheelstand? TWO big wheelstands!!!

Last month at “Baldie” White’s no-time event No Guts No Glory 4 in Orlando Florida, a pair of Chevrolet grudge cars faced off for a stack of cash and bragging rights. Any grudge car worth it’s weight in scrap iron has a cool name, and these two – Mayweather and First 48 – have that nailed down.

Our friend Hans at Free Life Films was at the famed Orlando Speed World to capture the action when these two tangled in front of the huge crowd. The drivers line up, bump into the beams and when the lights drop, so do the loud pedals! As soon as they hit the gas, both of them power into wheelstands, with the First 48 Camaro taking the win in the wheelie contest and in the race itself, which sent his crew into a massive celebration on the starting line!

Check back for more grudge racing action from No Guts No Glory, and look for more awesome footage coming in 2017!