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Chevy’s Going Aluminum Now, Too!

You know what they say. If you’re going to go down the road of choosing to talk smack, you might want to reconsider your words and keep them sweet because later, you never know exactly when you’re going to have to eat them. I’m not sure if Chevrolet is exactly ready to eat their words just yet but, incredibly reliable sources say that they are, in fact, ready to undertake a major change, one that they spent a pretty good amount of time trash talking but now, have decided to try out for themselves to see just how it will all work.

Over the past couple of years we have seen big and we mean big advertising campaigns that have been aimed at taking shots at Ford for using aluminum in their truck body panels and beds, saying that it wasn’t a material that was fit for a rugged truck. I wouldn’t say that it was a mere detail that they might have addressed in passing but rather a cornerstone of their marketing campaign that would cut down Ford by the Achilles tendon and build themselves up on using what they would deem to be stronger material in steel. From torture tests to blind comparisons and everything in between, Chevrolet did absolutely everything that they could in order to make their steel look stronger and better which is might very well be depending on who you ask.

However, in the recent turn of events, in order to Coordinate with the EPA’s fuel regulation standards and the need to move on in a different direction, Chevrolet will be using aluminum in their truck beds. Now, obviously, the move is highly controversial and has people wondering if it will be seen as more of a weak look for Chevrolet or if people will kind of accept the reasoning behind the switch. Follow along with the video below that lays the entire situation out in front of us and attempts to explain exactly why all of this is happening and why it’s happening now. It’s very important to note that there’s no information on how the aluminum might come into the equation, so don’t get too ahead of yourself until all of the details are released.

Afterward, be sure to elaborate on what your thoughts are on the potential switch heard around the world.

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