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Video Shows Children Driving Off-Road Vehicles Down Chicago Highway

As kids, most of us can remember doing some pretty brazen things. It was a time filled with experimentation and sometimes this experimentation would cross the line. After all, as youngsters, this is how we would end up learning. We pushed the limits just to see where we were comfortable living. However, it looks like a couple of youngsters in Chicago ended up getting just a little bit too brave for their own good. Somehow, though, it doesn’t look like they ever managed to get caught while carrying out these shenanigans.

This time, We follow along with a motorist who managed to capture a video of it all. As he was making his way down the highway, he spotted the two off-road vehicles and probably found the situation a bit peculiar. When he rolled up and saw that the drivers that he described as about 10 years old, things took an even more dramatic turn.

It looks like these kids were really in it to win it. They were plowing their way down the highway with a vengeance. Illinois State police were called but they could never locate the vehicles. We’re left to assume that the kids did make it home, in that case. They’re probably praying that their parents never see this video, though. That would probably sign them up for the most severe form of punishment.

By following along with the video below, we can see the side-by-sides making their way along the highway like nothing’s wrong. Personally, I can remember getting into just a little bit of trouble when I was this young. However, I don’t think that I would’ve ever had it in me to pull off a stunt like this. Looking back on this, these kids are going to have a memory that we’re sure they’ll never forget. However, when seeing the danger, as an adult, it’s probably a memory that wasn’t worth the risk.