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Chip Foose Show Why He’s the Legend With ’69 Camaro Restomod

If there’s one thing that car enthusiasts understand that the rest of the world might not, it’s that a car goes so far beyond what we see on paper. Perhaps, some might find people like us weird. These “Normal folks” just see a car for how much gas mileage it gets and if it’s reliable or not. Some might see that it makes a little bit of horsepower that could make it more fun to drive but that’s basically where it stops.

However, for car freaks like us, we know that it’s so much more than that. Sure, being reliable and making horsepower are a couple of basic steps to the equation. Beyond that, though, the perfect driver has to be a car that really makes you feel alive when you’re behind the wheel or just isn’t worth it. For example, a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro can almost send a chill down our spine upon turning the key. It’s this feeling that really sums up what it’s like to be a gearhead no matter what your preference in cars.

Therefore, with something like a restomod, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When taking the base of such a Camaro, the person behind the vision can take it in a bunch of different directions. However, the whole plan is based around the idea of getting that same feeling of excitement upon getting behind the wheel. It takes quite the vision and execution combined to be able to make this feeling come to life.

If there is one man who has been able to execute this on a high level over the years, it’s none other than the one and only Chip Foose. This time, we get to dive into a completely custom restomod that shows how Foose works. Powered with the heart of a modern Corvette in an LT4 crate motor, this machine is really set up to succeed. That’s just the beginning, though, as the custom touches that bring it all together are too numerous to list here.

By following along below, though, we get to join in on the experience that has made Chip Foose an icon.