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Chipmunk Stuck In Trucks Tow Hitch, Good Samaritan Won’t Give Up!

As human beings, we have this overwhelming need to create in order to meet our needs. No matter what the goal is at hand, it’s pretty amazing how much ingenuity we can have to accomplish said goal. However, sometimes, whenever our creations come in touch with nature, they don’t exactly mix all that well. Obviously, with the way our society has become established, some of the things that we use in regular life are completely necessary. However, when they do end up negatively interacting with nature, maybe we should take a minute to observe the situation. When it’s realistic, helping out to maintain nature is definitely the right road to take.

This time, we follow along with the situation that’s not exactly the classic tale of how humans clash with mother nature. However, we can’t help but admire this individual’s effort as he attempted to take some of his time to help out a different species. It appears as if a curious chipmunk ended up wanting to explore the man’s ride. As the little fellow would make his way through the back end of the truck, eventually, the chipmunk would become stuck in a trailer hitch. Based on the amount of effort that it takes to wiggle him free, it’s kind of hard to tell how he got in there in the first place.

By following along with the video below, though, we watch a touching moment that has us rooting for all the parties involved. At some points, we almost find ourselves shouting tips of advice at the screen. As terrible as it is, we can definitely see some people getting fed up and calling it quits on this little guy, leaving him to starve. However, for this motorist, he had absolutely no issue taking a couple of moments out of his day in order to help out a furry little four-legged animal.

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