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CHOP ALERT!! – Starting the 900 HP Whipple CTS-V For the First Time

With any fresh build, the moment of suspense that we get when we turn the engine over for the first time is always exciting. It’s the single moment where all of the hard work and dedication come together. Generally, with a fresh build, this moment comes on the heels of not only time invested but also a lot of money. Seeing all of that come together as a moment that can put a smile on your face is definitely something that’s invigorating to be a part of.

This time, cameras follow the action as fans can join in as Speed Society’s 900 hp giveaway CTS-V cranks over for the first time ever. The first start comes after just a couple of days of work. As it turns out, when you have the experience that Ron from Vengeance Racing comes equipped with, things can go a little bit quicker and more smoothly. A true professional, Ron was the frontman for the build at Speed Society HQ as he made magic happen all the way on the other side of the country from Vengeance Racing, which is located in Georgia.

In this one, you’ll be able to follow along to see the last couple of steps in bringing together the car. After all of the physical labor is done, it’s time to initiate a couple of clicks on the keyboard to get a base tune in. From there, we get the moment of truth where this Whipple supercharged monster is able to be fired up for the first time. The sound is really enough to send a chill down the spine as we get that sweet supercharger whistle along with the choppy sound of a cammed v8.

By following along with the video below, you’re in for quite the thrill!

Want to win this car? Be sure to check out how to enter by CLICKING HERE.


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