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Chuck Norris Snipes Street Racing Bikes… Funniest Thing We Have Seen Today!

Who doesn’t love a good “mashup” video, where two or more completely unrelated videos are chopped up and pieced together to create something totally different than either of them was to begin with. If you don’t follow what I’m saying exactly, just scroll on down and hit the play button and see exactly what I’m talking about.

This particular mashup features some of Detroit HoodTV’s best Bike Fail clips mashed up with a scene from the classic Western flick Lone Wolf McQuade, starring none other than the legendary Chuck Norris.

In this particular scene in the actual film, Norris is perched high atop a hilltop and sniping down on his intended targets below. However, DHTV has spliced in his own clips of street bike fails to make it look like Norris is shooting the bikes instead. It takes a little time and a lot of patience to get the timing down just right, but when the completed project looks this good, it’s worth the time and trouble!

This is just another great example of what the creative minds behind the camera can do with their footage when they have a little time on their hands. We’ve seen plenty of crash compilation videos and we’re certainly not complaining about them at all, but to add in a little bit of Hollywood in a tongue-in-cheek way like this certainly cranks up the entertainment factor a bit over a typical compilation.

We’ve seen this exact movie clip spliced with slip-and-falls and pets being startled for equally hilarious effect, but never added exclusively to a bunch of racing clips. We have to give DHTV props for creativity and adding in some flair to the already-funny bike fail videos. Hopefully, some of our other favorite video crews will take note and see what they can come up with for some hilarious mashups.