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Chuck Seitsinger Racing His Wild Honda Civic Back in the Day!

Long before he built the Mustang that currently sits atop the Street Outlaws Top 10 list, Chuck built quite a name for himself in the import racing world. While many of his long-time fans know this, most who only know him as the guy they see on television have no idea just how long Chuck has been pushing the envelope of performance. Chuck’s Honda didn’t just run good, it set and reset national records time and again thanks to Chuck’s drive and determination. Eventually, when nobody else could equal the numbers he was running, the rules were changed to basically penalize Chuck for being too fast, making his car illegal for competition. How badass do you have to be to have the rules changed to slow you down so the competition can catch up?!

The Honda Civic that Chuck campaigned, a 2150 pound rocketship that is powered by a B18C Honda engine cranking out 1,000 horsepower, laid down a best ET of 8.21 seconds at 184 MPH. Those numbers are all the more impressive knowing he was riding on relatively small 28×10.5 Mickey Thompson slicks. In 2004, Chuck would win NDRA Rookie of the Year honors and take home the championship in the Pro 4 Cylinder class. After a bit of an off year in 2005, Chuck reached full-on “Dominant” status in 2006, qualifying #1 at every single event and winning an unprecedented seven races en route to his second championship.

Having proven his point, Chuck walked away from the high-winding world of imports and decided to go street racing with the Death Trap Mustang, After fighting small tires for a couple of seasons, Chuck pull the car off the list, hacked it apart to wedge big tires under the rear, then returned to take the #1 spot in the 405. It’s safe to say Chuck will always figure out a way to be the fastest man in whatever he’s pursing at the time!