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ChuckWagon Race Gets HEATED – Baker-Spain Stampede

We love all type of racing here at Speed Society, and that includes racing of the non-motorized variety as well! While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when we think about our favorite pastime, Chuckwagon Racing is definitely a nice of racing we can’t ignore. With two horses pulling these carts, they manage to reach some pretty high speeds while pulling these wagons that are reminiscent of a bygone era when things were a little simpler.

These folks loaded up their wagons and headed to the Baker-Spain Stampede, where the $12,000 purse brought out the competitive sides in these two wagoneers, causing them to exchange words and aggressive gestures even as the race itself was going on. Apparently, the 7X wagon got a little too close for comfort as the race got underway, and the other wagon’s driver took immediate issue with 7X’s aggressive driving. As their majestic horses galloped for all their worth toward the finish line, the drivers hollered back and forth at each other. The driver in white and his horses managed to pull ahead and take the win, but even after the race was over, the arguing continued while they rolled back toward the starting line.

Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and no punches were thrown, but it certainly seemed like these cowboys were going to go at it if the insults kept flying. We’ll have to keep our eye out for some more Chuckwagon action now that we know how exciting these races can be. With the thundering hooves of the horses and the wagons that harken back to the days of the wild west, this is likely one of the first forms of racing that ever took place, so these guys just might be who to thank for drag racing as we know it today.

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