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Crazy Cigarette Boat Brings Luxury To Life On The Water

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on February 21, 2020

World's Ultimate Center Console Cigarette's Tirranna

Just when we thought that the world of cars and trucks got a little bit ridiculous with how custom we can make our machines, the world boats decided to step in. For those who have not had the ability to spend some time around the water, we can relay to you, with confidence, that some of these things get pretty out-of-control. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are spent in purchasing some of the most incredible machines that are born to float on water. Some of the features that we see out of said machines get pretty incredible to ogle over as well.

This time, we’re taking a look at the Cigarette branded boat known as the Tirranna. To kick things off right, the machine is hooked up with not one or two but six 400 hp outboards that are made to push the boat to a comfortable 70 mph. Those who are unfamiliar with how boating works might think that this doesn’t sound all that fast. After all, most of us probably travel 70 mph in our cars every single day. So what’s the big deal? As it turns out, speed on the water Is a little bit more difficult to come by and for those who have experienced it, they might even go so far as saying that it feels twice as fast on the water. Also, it’s important to remember that this boat is 59-feet long with a 14-foot wide beam and almost 40,000 lbs.

In addition to the performance offered up by this machine, the amenities are pretty much endless for a boat of this type. It’s not too common that we see a cigarette boat with so many features and a lush cabin to go alongside them. This thing starts out back with amenities like a sink and a grill. As we continue forward, we see even more features like a hideaway television and leather-clad everything. Long story short, here, this is certainly one heck of a way to choose to spend a weekend on the water.


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