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City Of Seattle Hits Loud Charger Hellcat Driver with $83,000 in Fines

The Belltown Hellcat: An Ongoing Menace

Several weeks ago, Seattle banned Miles Hudson from driving his Charger Hellcat. This decision followed a surge of public complaints about his car’s loud aftermarket exhaust and his habit of revving the engine late at night in the Belltown neighborhood. The story gained national attention, with a notable exposé in the New York Times. Despite the ban, Hudson has continued to defy the police, city officials, and even his own mother by embracing his outlaw status on Instagram and refusing to stop his disruptive behavior.

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City Takes Legal Action

Seattle has had enough of Hudson’s antics. In a court order filed on Friday and highlighted by KOMO News, the city attorney is seeking over $83,000 in fines to end Hudson’s behavior. A hearing is scheduled for June 18, where the city will request a default judgment.

“Mr. Hudson has cultivated online infamy by flagrantly breaking Seattle’s laws and waking his neighbors with excessive noise. It’s time for him to face the consequences of his actions. That’s why I have requested that the court find Mr. Hudson in default and award the City all applicable penalties,” said City Attorney Ann Davison in a statement.

The Hellcat and the Instagram Fame

Hudson drives a wrapped, de-catted Charger Hellcat Widebody with a backfire tune. He has posted numerous videos of himself breaking traffic laws and noise ordinances around Seattle on his Instagram account, srt.miles, this year. His content includes racing on city streets at speeds exceeding 100 mph. Resident complaints have flooded into Seattle Police and local forums like r/Seattle on Reddit, with some residents claiming they were forced to move to escape the noise. The moniker “Belltown Hellcat” quickly caught on, named after the neighborhood where he often appeared and presumably lives.

Ignoring Court Orders

In mid-April, the city forbade Hudson from driving his Hellcat until he reverted the exhaust modifications. Hudson, however, ignored the court order and continued to drive his car disruptively for social media clout. During a recent traffic stop, recorded on the officer’s body cam, Hudson admitted he was doing it all for Instagram. “I have almost 700,000 followers on my social media,” he told the officer. “The amount of money I make from filming videos of my vehicle on the street has paid for the car.”

A Mother’s Intervention

In a humorous twist, Hudson’s mother got involved. According to the New York Times, she wrote to city officials two weeks ago, stating that her son no longer had access to the vehicle and would no longer terrorize the streets. However, this intervention did not last long as Hudson continued his disruptive activities.

Fines and Legal Battles

Hudson faces a daily fine of $1,300 for non-compliance, with the total reportedly reaching $83,200. Additionally, he has pled not guilty to two charges of reckless driving, for which he will be in court on June 12.

The escalating fines and court orders reflect the city’s determination to put an end to Hudson’s disruptive behavior. Seattle residents and officials alike are eager to see a resolution to the “Belltown Hellcat” saga.

Community Reactions

The community’s reaction to the situation has been mixed. Some residents are relieved that the city is taking action, while others are skeptical about the effectiveness of the fines and court orders. Many are curious about how Hudson will respond to the increasing legal pressure.

Online, opinions are equally divided. Some followers of Hudson’s Instagram account admire his rebellious spirit and the entertainment value of his videos. Others criticize him for his disregard for the law and the impact on the community.

The Bigger Picture

Hudson’s case highlights a broader issue of how cities deal with individuals who gain notoriety through disruptive behavior on social media. The fines and legal actions taken by Seattle could set a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future.

What’s Next for Miles Hudson?

As the June 18 hearing approaches, all eyes are on Hudson to see how he will respond to the city’s legal actions. Will he finally comply with the court orders and revert the modifications on his Hellcat? Or will he continue to defy the authorities and face even steeper penalties?

Regardless of the outcome, the “Belltown Hellcat” saga serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between social media fame and real-world consequences. For now, Seattle residents can only hope that peace and quiet will soon return to their neighborhoods.

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The showdown between Miles Hudson and the city of Seattle underscores the challenges cities face in regulating disruptive behavior in the age of social media. With significant fines and court battles ahead, the resolution of this case will be closely watched by communities dealing with similar issues. Hudson’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the limits of online infamy and the enduring power of local laws and regulations.