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Civil War cannon vs Ram 1500 Truck

As you have probably noticed, playing with all sorts of artillery is a hobby that many enjoy. Whether they be modern weapons that are the most advanced technological specimens of the modern era or perhaps historical weapons that could’ve been used in the Civil War, there’s always somebody who will be interested in seeing what certain weapons can do. This time, we catch up with somebody who is more interested in older weapons but, with a little bit of a lack of preparation, it turns out that they do a little bit more damage than originally anticipated as an entire pickup truck is caught in the crossfire and some major damage is done.

This time, we watch as a cannon is fired off. As you can probably imagine, with older style cannons like this that aren’t mounted down to anything, a good amount of recoil can probably cause them to move quite a bit. With this in mind, after they are lit off, it’s probably a good idea to get out of the way and make sure that you don’t get caught with that massive, heavy weapon moving backward and potentially causing its fair share of injury. This guy did manage to get out of the way but he didn’t manage to get rid of all carnage entirely as the title of this video suggests.

Follow along down below as the weapon recoils, thanks to a lack of securing it, and rolls right on back into his Dodge Ram pickup truck. When the camera finally pans over to see exactly what kind of damage was done, it isn’t good news! It turns out that this massive machine rolled right on back into the truck and did some big-time damage. If nothing else, this looks like a definite learning lesson for the guy behind this display.

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