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Civilian pulls over K-9 Police Officer for speeding | Excuse? “I’m the police”

Civilian Pulls Over K-9 Police Officer for Speeding | Excuse? “I’m the Police

When it comes to the law, there’s no exceptions, not even for those who have been enrolled in helping to enforce that law. However, sometimes that idea gets lost in the fray.

We’ve seen many situations in which civilians push for the upholding of their rights and whether they’re in the right or not is a completely different conversation.

In this case, we meet a civilian who wants to help reinforce the nondiscriminatory nature of the law by pulling over a police officer who doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about the situation as he is.

Check out the video below that shows the confrontation between the two and tell us what you think about how the situation was handled by all parties involved.

This situation gets tense as a police officer arrests another police officer.

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