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Clarkson, Hammond, and May Cheating Compilation Reminds us Why we Love Them

Over the years, the trio of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May have put together some of the most iconic automotive content to ever exist. The awesome part about what they do is that there’s kind of a little bit of magic sprinkled in. Let’s just say that there have been a variety of other content creators who have tried to replicate what these three bring to the table but no one has quite generated that same vibe.

Sure, having some of the world’s most awesome cars on their programming is definitely one big part of the puzzle. However, there are a lot of content creators who have access to any car that they could possibly want and still crank out content that’s about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Hammond, Clarkson, and May, though, bring a special comedic element that really brings their presentation style to life. With that, they will most certainly go down as perhaps the best presenters to ever invest their efforts in automotive content.

This time, we get to check in with some of the antics that have really brought their presentation style alive over the years. Something like a typical Nissan GT-R might not be all that entertaining to look at after a while. However, when you throw in a little bit of a competition and three hosts that are willing to cheat to win, things definitely get a little bit more lively.

Now, over the years, there has certainly been some lighthearted cheating involved in the competitions that these guys have gotten into. Let’s just say that, as the different ideas for how to compete have gotten grander in scale, so have the schemes that have been going on with each competitor trying to gain an edge over the next in their epic battles.


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